ECE Guacamole

Guacamole -- Login Problem

If you are having trouble login into the Guacamole page, it is possible that your password has expired. Passwords are set to expire once a year. The guacamole login does not tell you that your password has expired, it just does not allow you to login!

To fix this, to here here and login with your VT PID/password. Then Edit your account to change your password. There is an oddity with the "Edit" account where you must select your (one and only) account from the drop down list.

Please let me know if something is not working: john.ghra (at)

Guacamole -- A Web Browser Interface to the ECE Linux Machines

Guacamole provides a way of using the Linux machines without having to install any software, you just use your web browser.

What you need to know:

Problems and Bugs:

If you find something not working, please let me know: john.ghra (at) If you don't let me know of problems, I can't fix them!

Known problems and work arounds:

Connection fails with strange messages.
This seems to happen when several people try to connect at the same time. For now, just try to reconnect, it almost always works the second (or third) time.

Text is a little fuzzy / blurry to read.
Click the <CTRL><SHIFT><ALT> key combination. Scroll all the way to the bottom. Uncheck Automatically fit to browser window.

The initial connection to a machine takes a while.
Just be patient. When you reconnect to a machine, its pretty quick.

There is a copy&paste clipboard between your computer and the remote computer. This does not work for all combinations of (local computer, browser, remote computer).
I will try to post updates about this.

This type of connection is slow and laggy.
Yes. There is probably nothing I can do about that. If you want a more responsive interface, you will probably need to do a native X windows connection.

Pick machine:

Machine NameLoad Average
(lower is better)
Logged In
Compute Machine 01 0.05 alidemir cjearls jkh micsrf minux nanshan nithyaag rdehart tjpegram
Compute Machine 02 0.05 akashdnyaneshwar alidemir cjearls kalex nanshan norma7 tjpegram
Compute Machine 03 0.05 alidemir cjearls nithyaag ryanreed tjpegram yifeil zqing6
Compute Machine 04 0.05 nithyaag varshasayee xingye15
Compute Machine 05 1.11 itiade17 neeravg nithyaag
Compute Machine 06 0.05 kchea17 nanshan soysal varshasayee
Compute Machine 07 0.05 mwz15 rdehart
Compute Machine 08 0.06 jli4 jnaka66 stevens18 tjpegram
Compute Machine 09 0.05 iangboll jnaka66 steve8
Compute Machine 10 0.06 evanc42 nithyaag tjpegram xingye15 zayeem
Compute Machine 11 0.05 adferr21 batdorff nap64 nithyaag tjpegram
Compute Machine 12 0.05 nap64 tjpegram zqing6
Compute Machine 13 0.05 davida18 rodgerp
Compute Machine 14 0.05 adferr21 braedenm davida18
Compute Machine 15 0.06 alidemir davida18 ronnoc
Workstation 1 DOWN
Workstation 2 DOWN
Workstation 3 DOWN
Workstation 5 DOWN
Workstation 6 DOWN
Large Memory Machine 0.53 micsrf tjpegram zhenghh
MPI Head Node (48 node cluster) 0.05 ldurbeck ryanreed sacrain

Great! Let's get going!